What a grand week!

So my 39th birthday came and went. I ended up alone, as my dinner plans fell through, but I had a headache from hell as well, so that was all good. Papa Murphy’s pizza, a nap, and even my Dad called, so was all good 🙂

Thursday I went to dinner with Jeanne and had a blast. The two Madritas from Lauro’s didn’t hurt either. Am glad we walked home, heh. She is really comforting to talk with.

Friday night, Mary took me out to dinner and I wanted to go to Rose Fest at Waterfront park as I had never been. Mary rocks, she is so understanding. Had corn dogs, lemonade, chocolate covered cheesecake (From Rocky Mtn!) and even rode the Ferris Wheel. That is more of a Tower of Terror than the real deal is 🙂

Saturday morning I got up early to meet Jennifer at the Apple Store opening in the Bridgeport froo froo mall in Tigard (Roughly 7 miles from our other Apple store I am told). I didn’t catch Jennifer (who was there to get a shirt for Lucien. I want a wife like that!) until she was headed inside, despite my searching the line for her.

I did see Janet and Charles though and had a grand time being Mac dorks for 90 minutes while waiting for the store to open so we could go in, high fivin’ the employees, getting our shirts, lookin’ around, thinkin’ “Eh, if I need anything, will get it from the Mac store” and heading out. We walked to breakfast and then headed home, oh, hmm yeah we went through the store one more time 🙂

Janet invited me to dinner at their place for a Firefly party. I had not seen the show but liked it! I guess I like most of Josh’s work. Dinner was most excellent and was nice to socialize with a group of people. Wish I had gotten a picture of the Pornographic Dessert though. Tasty it was, too!

During the afternoon I decided to not procrastinate (go me!) and get my kitchen and office cleaned up. Now I can vacuum the floor and actually use the pinball machine. I have some shredding to do this morning and a little bit of filing, but it is so calming to just get my stuff done, ahead of schedule, so I can enjoy a Sunday without feeling stressed about stuff I have to do.

I hope you had a great week as well!