wifi vs. microwave oven


I turned on “interference robustness” which seemed to make things much better (one short dropout during a 3 min cooking cycle)


Well it worked for 2 things cooked, but not the third. The search continues.


It seems that changing both the linksys and airport to channel 1 with an increased power signal out of the linksys was enough to fix it!

Original Post:

So now I have my fancy dancy Airport Express but when I use my fancy dancy Panasonic 1300w inverter microwave, it kills the wifi (as it always has) Of course, now my stereo barfs heh.

I tried a simplistic covering of the walls around the microwave with aluminum to some, but not good enough, results. I have not tried tripling everything.

Does anyone have a good solution?

When I buy a place, will try and get one with a lead box in the kitchen for the microwave 🙂

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  1. OK – I tried commenting on your blog months ago, but could not get past the registration process, so I gave up. Thought I would give it one more try. (and I make my living with computers…..oooh, I am scared)

    A hearty congratulations on making the wifi work while the microwave is running. Glad to know you can now cook, surf, and listen to the stereo without anything taking a dump.

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