Space Mountain Lives!

Space Mountain, closed at Disneyland for 2+ years is set to reopen Friday. Matt and I did rode it tonight, as DL does “soft” openings to work the bugs out of the queue process, etc.

I won’t post spoilers, but let me say this:


Very nice job, folks. Here is what I will say:

  • The line was 95 mins but moved much faster than that.
  • The trains now hold 12 people, vs. 8
  • They had 6 trains running
  • They DO have the slide loading working, so they can load people who need assistance into a train that is out of load flow and then slide it onto the track. What a time saver.
  • The new effects ROCK
  • The new track/trains are SMOOTH and DEAD SILENT. It is erie. You don’t know you are on a coaster really. Awesome.