Vacationing in Disneyland

Elizabeth and I went to L.A. for Coral’s second birthday and a trip to Disneyland. Here is an enthralling, attention grabbing photo essay of the trip: Look

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Disneyland Day 4

Tuesday we rode Space Mountain, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Teacups, Mark Twain and did the ride around the park. After a dole whip and lots of water, we headed for my parents about quarter to 1. Hung out at the folks, had lunch, headed to the airport for our 7:05 flight, which left around… Continue reading Disneyland Day 4

Disneyland Day 3 – Happy 51st Birthday, Disneyland!

Today is Disneyland’s 51st birthday and it is much cooler. It was warm at the meet n greet. Met Newell (sp?) and Promoman, along with Adrienne and Andrew. I didn’t see Jo, so hopefully she was sleeping peacefully. We started the morning on the monorail, then autopia, then over to DCA where we learned… Continue reading Disneyland Day 3 – Happy 51st Birthday, Disneyland!

Disneyland Day 2

Today we hit Target at 8am for socks and goodies. Then to the park and ran into my brother who was finishing planning my 40th birthday surprise! He lives down here and put together a treasure hunt where we had to go around and find clues to prizes. Was very fun, a lot of work… Continue reading Disneyland Day 2

Disneyland Day 1

Ahoy Mates from ‘he happiest seas on earth! Let me tell ye, me and me wench be wishing we be on ‘he seas! We be wakin’ up at 5am to take that flying dutchman to ‘he park. Check into our cabin and get into ‘he park around 12:45pm. It be hot! 6 bottles of water… Continue reading Disneyland Day 1

I’m in a Haunted Mansion book!

My mom bought Chef Mayhem’s “The Secrets of Disney’s Haunted Mansion” from How cool is this to find the fan section and see myself! Can you spot me? (I gave a huge clue in the comments hehe)

Meet the bride

The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland has a new bride. Her name is Constance and Chef Mayhem has a blog post about her and the actress here!

Disneyland Report – Monsters Inc

Forgot to mention – on Wednesday we all beta tested the new Monsters, Inc attraction in DCA. It was pretty good! They used the same limo vehicles as superstar limo, but repainted as cabs. The color and story were very good!

Disneyland Report – Thursday

On Thursday Sara and I went back to Disneyland and I bought a killer Wittnauer watch! We rode Pirates (check out the lines!), Jungle Boat and Tiki Room, then headed over to DCA to do Soaring over California. It was already 2:30 by the time we got out of DCA and headed home!

Happy geek!

There are just 15 days till I’m in the park, taking my niece around, be still my heart, there’s so much for me to share, though its kinda sad that at 7 months she has more hair, I’m a happy geek after all……

Disney at home!

This is a sweet site of DIY Disney crafts?

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