Disneyland Report – Wednesday

So much to write about!

On Wednesday Matt joined us for a fun day in the park!

Sara and I were so exhausted! First off, how much does Jo rock?! She gave Sara a pass for tomorrow! We met her at the parking lot today and had a nice chat. Poor Jo had to go back to work 9 hours after her shift and they added a THIRD Fantasmic at 11:30! (Jo works at Disneyland and hangs out at mouseplanet.com

Jo and Steve (Sara follows)

Guess what?!!? We fast passed Space Mountain and went to ride at 11:20. By then the attraction was fast passed out! Yow! So we get on the ride and Sara is screamin’ and hollerin’ and then it STOPS in the pitch black, on the next to last set of turns! A voice comes over the speaker to remain seated and then they TURN ON THE LIGHTS! I had left my SLR in the locker (Darn!) but Sara got some cool pics with her cell phone! How rocking is that?

After 10 mins of my brother and I geeking out they started to push the trains one by one, starting at the bottom of course hehe. We were the third train to be pushed and had the rest of the ride with the lights on! They said we could ride again which we did of course! I’ve been riding Space Mountain for 26 years and this was a first for me.

Space Mountain Lights On Pics

Speaking of firsts, the other day we were on Matterhorn and they pulled our sled out to add more sleds on. So we go to go around a second time on that also!

Another first, I rode the carousel!

Yet another first, we rode in the front of the monorail!

All new pics start here!

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