Disneyland Day 2

Today we hit Target at 8am for socks and goodies. Then to the park and ran into my brother who was finishing planning my 40th birthday surprise! He lives down here and put together a treasure hunt where we had to go around and find clues to prizes. Was very fun, a lot of work on his part! I got the pirates dice game from dead man’s chest, the dmc version of pirates Life, a framed map of my treasure hunt, a piece of cursed pirate treasure and some dvds on pirate lore. Oh and a book I won’t mention 🙂

It was really awesome! I have a super brother.

It is cooler today, this morning was great. we went on space mountain twice, buzz twice (as part of the treasure hunt) , haunted mansion and had lunch. We did the 50th anniversary show then headed back to the hotel as the clouds burned off and it was getting very hot again. I think the small crowds today were thanks to the heat. Its quite unbearable with the humidity. It sprinkled a little even. Tomorrow it says thunderstorms.

Its so humid my legs are chaffing where they rub (I need to work out!) I went to target and picked up some generic gold bond medicated powder. Let me tell you – The commercials were right! This stuff is awesome. I also tossed out my crappy boxers and bought “boxer briefs” of which I am a new fan of. The combination of those two devices took me from a very hurting, red, wobbling person right back to normal. Amazing!

I also picked up water for tomorrow am (half price) and some stuff for the room. We then went back to Disneyland at 5 (took the car this time vs walking from the hojo) and I went to sign in 20 mins early at 5:10 only to realize the reservations were for 5:10! Whew! We asked for waterfront seating and got that in all of 2 mins.

The Blue Bayou was refurbished along with the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and along with the food, the prices were also updated. Prime Rib? $30. Pork Chops? $25. However before you keel over, the food was amazing. Much better than I have ever had at the Bayou. Much less potatoes now, and au-gratin to boot, but much more meat. The prime rib was 5 pepper rubbed and medium was perfect. The pork chops were a double chop and topped in apples. Really, really good.

We finished the meal off with the Flying Dutchman dessert boat which while entire edible, the sail and mast are not very tasty. The cookie hull and ice cream topping were delicious though!

The menus are commemorative Jack Sparrow menus, laminated and we got to keep those as souvenirs. They are only giving them away for 3 months, so this is a really nice catch.

We next saw the parade of dreams. Main Street was really empty for the parade compared to most days. We walked up with 5 mins to go and got a spot right behind the front row.

We then went to Fantasyland and caught a bunch of rides there. It was now 8:30 so we headed to the main street side of the hub, sat on the curb and waited for the show. The fireworks were great! We didn’t see every effect but the audio is much better back there and we got to be in the middle of the hub fireworks.

After the show we did some shopping for more clothes and called it a night.

Tomorrow AM we’re going to DCA for ToT and Calif Screaming, then to the hub at noon for the meet n greet, then back to DCA.

Our feet are pretty worn out, thanks to the heat and sweat and all. Makes those shoes quite warm But we’ll make it through because its the happiest place on earth, even in the middle of summer!