Disneyland Day 1

Ahoy Mates from ‘he happiest seas on earth! Let me tell ye, me and me wench be wishing we be on ‘he seas! We be wakin’ up at 5am to take that flying dutchman to ‘he park. Check into our cabin and get into ‘he park around 12:45pm. It be hot! 6 bottles of water later, we still be thirsty. Fine out me weagther buddy say it be 101 today! I believe it too, and humid like the high seas.

We be ridin’ plenty of rides, includin’ seein’ Capn’ Jack who be mighty fine!

We be sittin’ fer 2 hours ter be watchin’ ‘he fireworks from ‘he prime location and den dey be cancellin’ ‘he show der ter ‘he winds! Arrrrrrrrrrgh!

We be watchin’ fantasmic and endin’ ‘he day on ‘he Splash Mountain, where me hook slipped and me stepped on me wench’s foot gettin’ into ‘he log. Ye’d thinks a sea worthy pirate would have better footin’ on ‘he wet bench but alas, me just be hopin’ it not swell ‘r nothin’.

I be tinkin’ me be gettin’ a little sunburned on me shoulder, even tho’ we applied much good sunscreen, so me be more careful termorrow.

We be havin a fun time, more reportin’ later!