Disneyland Day 3 – Happy 51st Birthday, Disneyland!

Today is Disneyland’s 51st birthday and it is much cooler. It was warm at the mouseplanet.com meet n greet. Met Newell (sp?) and Promoman, along with Adrienne and Andrew. I didn’t see Jo, so hopefully she was sleeping peacefully.

We started the morning on the monorail, then autopia, then over to DCA where we learned Soarin’ Over Calif is open 30 mins before park opening, so we rode that, then ToT. Calif Screamin’ was shutdown for an unknown length of time. By the time we found water, etc, it was time for the meet n greet, so back over to DL, then to pirates, then we left to have lunch at mimi’s. Now its 4 hours of resting the feets (which I still don’t know why they hurt so much this trip, I bought “the best walking shoes” but I don’t think they have any give whatsoever) and then my brother is coming out to meet us around 6 to finish off DCA in style.

Its very very windy now and cloudy, so the thunderstorm predictions may come true and change our evening plans, but no matter, its been a really fun trip. We’ve seen all we came to see, ridden just about everything and have had a lot of fun!