People in this country are insane!

Alright so the bruhaha over Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas having sex in it, which has to be unlocked, has hit new lows. This article talks about the 85 year old grandma who is suing over the sex, since she bought the game for her 14 year old grandson.

The game has violence, decapitation, cop killing, whores, theft, blatant denial of anyone’s rights other than your own, but oh grandma, that’s ok for little JR to play, but throw some people having sex in and you’ve gone too far!

This country is so screwed up it is not even funny. No, I don’t think 14 year olds should play games with hard core sex in it. Nor do I think they should play games with hard core violence.

South Park – The Movie illustrated this insanity perfectly. The MPAA wanted to give them a NC-17 rating due to Sadaam holding a penis (which they had to change to a dildo, cuz that’s ok I guess) and Bill Gate’s name being chanted in a “must die” scene, but the massive killing of Canadians with blacks on the front lines, well that’s something that is just ok for the kiddoes with a parent along. Oh and you can leave in Gates getting a bullet to the head. That’s cool. (it was my fav part of the movie, but I an an adult)

Ya know, if this country would pull it’s collective underwear out of it’s collective crack, we might start thinking a little clearer on these issues, don’t you think?


  1. I know man… it’s so incredibly illogical and weird when you get down to it. One Aussie I know just shook his head at this, “America. So much violence. So little sex.”

    The basest of violent urges? Show all you want. The physical manifestation of love (and lust)? Don’t even talk about it, much less show it or even gasp the slightest nudity.

    It’s a sad state we live in when violence is accepted in tv show and movies and even commercials, but we have to see a freaking warning before the Family Guy because there’s a ‘naked’ cartoon butt in it. That’s just… nuts.

  2. Personal responsibility is a character trait that has about disappeared from our culture. I get disgusted with people who conduct themselves with a total lack of respect for themselves, as well as others, and then file lawsuits right and left because they think they have been wronged.

  3. This country seems to have developed a distorted set of priorities, your video game commentary being just one example among many. We seem to have lost our sense of what matters most and what doesn’t; what’s important and what isn’t, in so many areas: value of items (in terms of dollars); what various jobs are worth to society (in terms of their relative pay), what our tax dollars are used for; what we teach (and don’t teach) our kids; what’s worth standing up for (and what isn’t); the list goes on and on. I sometimes fear we’ve lost sight of our national vision.

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