Well has certainly been a busy summer. I was in Minnesota 2 weeks ago, then I drove to Wisconsin for a date and to see the countryside. I didn’t experience any of that midwest weather people complain about and saw my grandparent’s stomping grounds. Was a total blast.

This past weekend, I went to see Wayne Brady in concert with Mary. I am so envious of that man in sooooo many ways. It was a wonderful show. I’ll never forget the Liposuction Lullaby.

Had some other dates, played much WoW this weekend, got to level 58 🙂 Worked some on Sophie’s Timelines (how you will put timed events into interactive books) and spent a lot of time exploring what I want from life.

Today, Arden is driving up from La Pine for our annual summer lunch, which I totally appreciate as it is 4 hours each way, for lunch! Last year I went down there on a Saturday and spent the day. This year my weekends have been busy busy busy.

I’ve been meeting a lot of interesting people and one thing is for sure – I enjoy meeting them. Some aspects of my life need to slow down, some need to accelerate but one thing is for sure – I love good karma.