Thoughts for those in the south

I have many special friends in the south and some who are displaced, maybe permanently due to Katrina. To dee and sass, I hear you are well and my deepest concern and thoughts as you collect your lives.

I was so happy to hear from Ryan after four days of no power. He lives in Houma, SW of Nawlins, but had the full force of the winds themselves. No flooding but now they are dealing with evacuees, looting and other general mayhem.

I will not politicize this even yet – Those people will get their due when the time is right. For now, your donations, your thoughts and focusing your energies on good karma for these people is what is needed.

People are dying, children are being murdered and raped in the shelters, others are starving, in shock of what has happened, how abandoned they feel. This is such a huge human tragedy and will affect us all, not just through the obvious channels of economy and way of life, but as in the spirit of this country, where our priorities are and how we take care of our own.