Christians, the Bible and Katrina

Alright so we have some Christians (labeled as anti-abortionists) saying God inflicted Katrina on the south for their abortion like ways and the storm path even looked like an embryo.

Now I hear some Christian extremists say Katrina battered Nawlins for their sexually deviant and drinking ways. I guess Mississippi got it for the gambling.

When asked why God would do this to innocents as well, I am told that God must release the winds unto Satan so that he might have dominion over Earth before the second coming. Nice. I guess those in the south picked a bad time to be born.

I started Googling this and discovered something fascinating, something amazing, something that makes the Da Vinci Code look like fiction. Yes, a missing book from the Bible – The Book of Vague. An excerpt:

Vague 1:1 “Thou shalt do that which I have commanded unless I have reprimanded for that which I have commanded then thou must do that which I have spoken but heed my warning, do not take false statements to heart for I shall enforce my commandments upon thee, unless thy have given thine heart until me, shed thy oppressor, which shall remain nameless, but do only if thy are true to my commandments”

Alright this isn’t an attack on Christians. I was raised Christian, so I saw the back biting, the fighting that goes on in Church for power, etc. I have plenty of wonderful friends of faith and I don’t judge them nor rebuke their faith.

What I do have challenges for is this notion that we’re all under one God yet we’ve fractured so much, there are so many Christian groups, each taking what is convenient to their belief and making it a corner stone. Do I really want to believe that only 144,000 are going to heaven? Oh wait, that is not a short sighted number based on the times the verse was written, it is symbol.

I often muse over the Bible and I’ve come down to this. Either there is a God and he has one sick sense of humor, or the Bible is the single, greatest mind control experiment ever devised, preying on people’s insecurities and fears. Kind of like the Republicans, only much more elegant about it.

After all, we’ve fractured because God didn’t want us building a tower to him. As if we’d of succeeded. Couldn’t he have just let them get 100 stories or so, have the whole thing tumble and then say “I’ll break you up when you build rockets that can reach me.”

Really – Anything in the Bible that makes us challenge God’s actions has a counter – Oh he has to let Satan do that, or well he can’t show himself as that would make it impossible for us to have true faith, or…….

It is quite fascinating to me. We live in a world with a huge information network and yet some still believe that God makes Hurricane’s look like a fetus while he’s bringing floods and hell upon innocent people, because, well, he is a loving God who gets pissed off from time to time after one too many water to wine incidents.

And if God strikes me down for exploring and expressing my thoughts, well then, I guess that is not a God I’d want to serve anyway. I believe in good karma, trying to make myself and those around me better through growth, thought and exploration. Lend a helping hand, be honest with people, be true to myself and above all, don’t make decisions based on my fears and insecurities. It is not always easy.

Maybe I am a clueless child. I’ll keep trying to grow and not blame a God I can’t see nor use that same God as a weapon to mentally abuse people in time of need.

Lend a hand to the Red Cross, they don’t care what shape the storm was in.