Steve in Germany – Day 1

Well it is actually day 2. I left Portland at 8:30am to Seattle. Had a 4 hour layover there. Left Seattle at 1:30, arrived in Amsterdam around 8:00 in the morning.

Got through customs and the security check in about 35 mins, then boarded and left AMS around 9:30am Monday. Arrived in Berlin around 10:50am.

My t-mobile sim chip doesn’t work here at all, so had no phone. Caught the bus to the train station. Waited in line 30-40 mins for a ticket, headed up stairs. The train had just pulled in (whew) so boarded but it was already full in class 2, so I hauled my bags upstairs to class 1. Nearly empty up there and plenty of luggage space. Had to pay an extra 7 euro when the conductor came through 🙂

Go to Magdeburg but had no way of contacting Michael. Phone # didn’t work, neither did SMS. Information gladly took my euro to tell me that they didn’t speak English. Twice.

Finally after 3 hours of asking people (one whom spoke English), and 7 people who told me the number was correct, I found one who told me to drop the leading 49 and add a 0. I felt dumb for not having this information ahead of time, but I got a workout hauling my bags for 3 hours around the station.

So I finally got ahold of Michael and he picked me up. Went to the office, met people and went to the apt I am staying at. It is a third floor attic like space with a bathroom and “shower” I’ll have to show you pics heh, it is a sit down and remember this is an attic, so slanted ceilings everywhere. Interesting. The price is right (free) and the host, Martin, is most kind and hospitable. I even have 1mbps wifi, so maybe I’ll settle in.

Today Michael picks me up, but tomorrow I am on my own with the busses and trams to get to the office. That will be interesting, too!

So, I am here and I am off to work!

Auf Wiedersehen