Steve in Germany – Day 2

Slept pretty well, didn’t wake up until 10am or so. The sit down shower was quite interesting, and slow to be sure. No curtain, and wood over my head, had to make sure I didn’t splash anything.

Michael picked me up and I spent the next 90 mins working on getting my code up to day, networking stuff going on. Am using a German Windows machine for my main work, which makes things very interesting indeed. Just means I go slower when I need to step out of smalltalk.

I spent the afternoon with a colleague learning how his part of the system works. I I had to take notes because there was no way I was remembering any of that in this condition. But we now have a plan for tomorrow and I’m excited to see if we can get some of the first sophie UI up and running.

I now have a pass for tomorrow morning and I think I know where I am going. I have grapes and bananas and sandwich stuff here at the apt now but really, I’m not all that hungry. The stress has my stomach in knots still. So water it is for awhile 🙂