Steve in Germany – Day 8

Monday was German Reunification day, so it was a holiday here. We had a deadline (today) so Michael and I had planned to work in the afternoon.

I was up early, around 4am for some reason. I fell asleep at 9 the night before and my body is still confused obviously.

Around 10:30 I headed down to try my hand at my first tram trip. Being a holiday I knew they had different schedules, but I had figured out which words meant holiday so was pretty confident about things.

40 minutes later no 5 tram had come by. A number of people were staring at me as they drove by, so either a) I am funny looking, b) They had nothing else to do or c) they knew the 5 was not running at that time of day.

I finally gave up and walked down to Immermannstraßße where I had seen a train earlier and caught the 94, which normally runs at night. Turns out it was a very weird schedule that day.

I arrived at Alter Markt (Old Market) and took the photos you saw earlier. The bratwurst and doughballs made me hungry. I took more pictures and then went back to where the coaster was when the German band started up again. Only this time, it was more surreal.

First, they played a country version of “White Wedding” by Billy Idol. I really wish I was able to record it. Then, they played something that made me cry. I am not sure if it was out of humor or what, but when that german band played a country version of “Stayin’ Alive” I nearly lost it. A bunch of elderly nice folk groovin’ to country disco. You really had to be there.

Anyway I SMSed Michael and he popped down on his bike. We had lunch (mmm) and did a walking tour of the mall (open but the shops were closed) and the Hundertwasser house (it is the big pink one in the pictures)

We then headed back to the office, got some work done and I popped home on the tram. Martin helped me get my first load of laundry done. It is a tiny machine but it holds a lot! You load from the top but the barrel spins on its side, like a water wheel. You lock it up and then it uses gravity to tumble the clothes – My next washer will be like this.

I headed down to Canope for dinner with Michael. Far too much smoking going on, my clothes and jacket wreak, but the food was good and I even had a beer. I still don’t like beer all that much. Wednesday is Tequilla Sunrise night though 🙂

I headed home and chatted then fell asleep. Martin came home and woke me up so I could get my clothes (it takes an hour to wash) and loaned me a rack to dry them on. No dryers here. It is a little sunny today so I hope they will dry soon.

I was up until 4am talking with Carren and finally hit the sack. I woke up at 8. Go figure.

It was a grand day all around!