Steve in Germany – Day 9

Day 9 started off with just 4 hours sleep. Is weird having your body clock all messed up. I bussed in to work and had pork steak for lunch, with broccoli and cucumber salad for lunch.

Work was good, we sent off the white paper and I started the work to model my timelines after the content.

I caught the bus home and went to the grocery store. I got some bread (not fresh, just normal bread), some margarine, oj, cookies and some luncheon meat.

Walked home and cleaned some things up, had a short chat with friends and then headed to dinner with Martin. We took the 3 tram down to Olvenstadt to go to Tokio House, but they were closed. Oops. So we got on the tram going the other way and went to Hasselbachplatz, which is the restaurant district that Kuca was in and found another sushi place.

It was all you can eat sushi, laid out on plates, which was different and was ok. After dinner we headed home and I called it a night.