Hangin’ with Martin

Last night I went down to Martin’s and watched a little German TV. Was quite amusing. We then watched some fan flicks like Troops and also Triumph. I then got my iPod and we shared musical tastes. I really am bummed Apple won’t let me put new music on my iPod without syncing my library. My library is home as I can’t fit it on my laptop. Bleh. I know they want to prevent farming, but if i wanted to steal music, I could just rip it and store it on the HD and copy it to the iPod when I got home. I wanted to BUY music from iTMS and add it to my authorized virtual library.

That should certainly be allowable, no? I guess not.

So was a fun three hours of listening to different types of music!

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  1. Hey! You can keep your iPod from syncing. Just go into preferences and click the dot that says”add songs manually.” This will allow you to add songs from any library. Only downside is that you have to add them manually from your home library as well. The only computer you can do this from though is the computer you are synced to. Once you do it once you are free. I know, I know, this really does not help your present situation, but in the future.


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