Well it has been a crazy week as you all know. Here is where things stand:

  1. I’ve been working on Sophie at nights, as I have a demo this weekend to produce
  2. The move happens tomorrow. The landlord’s insurance is going to pay for it!
  3. I have taken over BetterHTMLExport, a fantastic iPhoto plugin originally developed by DroolingCat
  4. Friday is finish the demo day.
  5. I’ve gone out with a realtor twice looking for a house to buy. Nothing serious yet, but have seen some aspects I like.

Thanks so much to everyone for their kind words and efforts during this week. It is most appreciated.


  1. RANT – If you aren’t going to enable comments w/o typekey b.s., then don’t expect many comments. I posted in spite of that, and there are better ways to avoid comment spam. – END OF RANT

    I’m quite pleased to see that someone has taken over BetterHTMLExport. I’m a template author and have not been able to get one of my templates updated in the last year. Apparently, Simon has moved on to greener pastures.

    Should you need someone to test new version, drop me a line. I use BetterHTMLExport quite frequently and would love to see it get a new lease on life.

  2. I’m glad someone has taken over this great utility, too.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like version 2.1 is compatible with iPhoto 6. Are there plans to update it? Thanks.

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