FIOS Installed today!

I had Verizon fiber optic internet installed today. here are some tests. My download from my website was slower, it never got above 500K/s, whereas comcast would spike to 700K/s for awhile. I wonder if this is a pathing issue to the server. The speakeasy tests were all much better on FIOS, and no packet loss on the pings. Uploading is much faster on FIOS.

Update: John had me install Apple’s broadband tuner and it really sped things up.

curl 98mb download (in kBytes/sec)

comcast614K (WRT Linksys)

Then I installed apple’s broadband tuner for FIOS (

comcast 772k
fios 888k

speakeasy SF

FIOS 14607/1763
Comcast 2698/708

speakeasy LA

FIOS 11236/1691
Comcast 5288/703

speakeasy NY

FIOS 4722/1697
Comcast 3833/700

Comcast pings:

FIOS Pings