January can be over any day now

So my printer, Canon i560 survived the tree and printed ok, then gave up the ghost yesterday. Am guessing some crap was inside the machine and got sucked into the print head. Went through a set of inks cleaning to no avail.

So rather than spend $50 for a new print head (+shipping) I bought a Canon i4200 from the Mac store. Is a nice printer, $139. But now I can’t use aftermarket inks, oh well. They have chips on the inks, LEDs on the inks, etc. It does print from a cassette or the normal tray, so is nice, can keep it closed up when not printing. I can load nice photo paper into the cassette and it will choose that when doing pictures, etc. I had to load new drivers from canonusa.com before the Mac would see the printer.

For the last week I’ve been kicking the UPS cord by accident which was plugged into the outlet under the PC. Last night was the last time, as it overloaded and blew out. Sigh. So $149 later I have a new one, same unit. I also bought a APC surge suppressor to plug into it, as several people said some surge suppressors can feed back into the UPS and blow them. APC said they’d honor the warranty with theirs, and this one, while $25, has 5 outlets + 3 large brick outlets on it, so that rocks. I’ve also plugged my heavy duty extension cord into another outlet and the UPS into that – No more kicking the damn plug.

What a month. 🙂

On the good news front, the car fits into the garage again. I am going down to Storables soon to see what kind of stackable crates they have, which should hold up better in the garage and let me put more into them. I recycled two bins full of books today. I have a total of 5 computers, two printers, two CRT monitors and the now dead UPS going to recycling center soon as I clear off the hard disks. That will make even more room!

The living room is taking shape. Much more cramped, no 5.1 speakers, but it will work for now.

Next up is the dining room – Then I can have guests over for a thank you dinner.