Goodbye, January 2006!

So let’s review:

  1. Tree falls into the house
  2. Move 4 doors down into smaller place in 4 days
  3. Travel to NY and Canada with a flu
  4. Have fever for 5 days
  5. Printer stops printing, buy a new one
  6. Kick power cord on UPS and blow a circuit, buy a new one
  7. Try backing up main hard disk on G5, get tons of read errors, each one taking 7 minutes. Buy new hard disk and restore from backup.
  8. Mom has car totaled in accident but is ok
  9. Mom buys new car and has someone hit it in a parking lot one week later
  10. Oh yeah, get work done

On the plus side, everyone I know is doing well, which I can’t really ask for more. I’ll be happy to see this month end!