Open letter to ABC – Don’t disable my fast forward button

As noted on Slashdot, ABC wants to try and disable the fast forward buttons of DVRs for commercials.

Dear ABC,

Should you succeed in crippling my DVR, I will succeed in removing your programs on both ABC and ESPN channel groups from my viewing list.

I don’t need your content, however you need my eyeballs.

One person doesn’t make a difference? Tell that to the MPAA with declined movie box office revenue thanks to a steady stream of poor movies and poor movie going experiences.

I do watch ads – Often the dvr is running and I’m too lazy to fast forward through ads because I am chatting, or doing something else. Often when I am fast forwarding I see an ad and actually jump back to watch it.

However, force my hand and I’m gone. I encourage you the reader, should you agree, to let them know this as well.

Update: Boing Boing carried this as well, and has a quote from ABC advertising sales genius Mike Shaw who thinks we’re ok with them force feeding us ads.

Hey Mike! Did you google this? Nah none of us are upset at this idea at all! You are so right, Mike.