Apple announces iPod Baby

“Why wait until your child is born,” Apple CEO Steve Jobs remarked, “when you can introduce them to technology while in the womb. Announcing iPod Baby”

small ipod

Shown here for size reference, the iPod Baby is inserted into the womb post-conception by an Apple Genius. “We’ve fitted the Genius bar with the most sterile of stirrups” Jobs said. “Once inserted, the iPod Baby runs via a new AND, Apple Nuclear Device, which is very low power and not harmful to the child. Lasting a full 10 months, as Apple knows some children Think Differently about when they’d like to be born, the iPod Baby comes with a simple to use interface that allows the little one to skip songs they don’t agree with.”

Using the ALD, Apple Listening Device, parents can wirelessly connect to their iPod Baby and listen in. The ALD is multi-duplex, so the grandparents and other family members can also pair with the iPod Baby.

Delivered with the baby, iPod Baby is easy to clean and once connected to a Macintosh using iTunes, will report the entire listening history of the child, including play counts, songs skipped and even on-the-fly playlists created by the little genius.