SVEASOFT censors forum – sends nasty post

I wrote that Talisman 1.2 is still broken with FIOS (after posting in June, and helping debug) and that I was “sad that Sveasoft auto charged me $20 and broke my firmware”

They deleted the post and sent this to me in private message:

“Future flamebait posts will result in immediate account closure wihout prior notice.” as it was “in violation of the FAQ”

I like their firmware but their customer service leaves something to be desired, especially since I am a two+ year customer who has helped them debug a number of issues.

Nice, eh?


  1. As George Carlin said, “Say it loudly, say it proudly. Fuck the fucking fuckers!”

  2. Funny thing about FIOS – I love mine. I was supposedly the 5th person in the Portland Metro area to get it – they brought out a whole gaggle of people for the installation – managers, media people, tech people, groupies, paparazzi, etc etc. – ok maybe no paparazzi, but the rest is all true..I SWEAR! I havn’t needed any support on the connection until just last week. It was something stupid – I just forgot the password to get into the router to add some port forwarding routines – I dreaded even attempting to get on the phone and try to wade though the labyrinth of automated choices. FInally I had no other option so I went ahead and tried. After getting through the first round of choices I was indeed connected with a FIOS specific person who indeed was able to help with my specific problem – he was actually knowledgable on what I needed (how rare is that for a geek customer!!) and it went suprisingly well. Way to go Verizon FIOS – I applaud them.

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