I had a fun weekend!

I spent the weekend with Elizabeth, her brother and his girlfriend. We watched Clerks, then Star Wars Episode IV (the dvds look great!), played cards, had dinner (quite scrumptious).

Charles called to inform me that a power sub station a mile away had blown a transformer, burning 20,000 gallons of mineral oil and causing 50,000 to lose power. He was out of power, so we decided to just crash at Tom and Kath’s.

This am we watched some Family Guy season 1, then went to the new McMenanims in North Portland which used to be a mortuary. Service was alright, food was ok, but they just opened so we’ll give them a go again later.

Following lunch we went to Vancouver Mall for glow in the dark golf which was quite fun. Tom owned the game so there shall be a rematch!

Following more family guy and general lazing around, Elizabeth and I headed home to discover my power had never gone out, as the G5 was still running and I had disconnected the UPS’ usb cable. So either the power never went out or the power was only out for 15 mins or so.

A good weekend!