iTunes Music Store makes good on South Park

In an earlier posting, I complained that I had bought the 10th Season of South Park, only to later find that Apple had split the season into two parts, 10A and 10B. I was to only receive 10A.

Anyway, I complained to Apple and after several emails, they gave me $5 store credit. Which I used. Live and learn I thought.

Tonight I get a xmas gift from Apple:

Thank you for purchasing the South Park Season 10A Season Pass from the iTunes Store. We know that the decision to split this season into two parts created some confusion for our customers. We strive to create a perfect experience, so iTunes is giving South Park Season 10B to everyone who purchased the South Park Season 10A Season Pass. To download these seven free episodes, click this link.

Ah yes, this is why I love Apple. Downloading all seven episodes now!