EMI and Apple say BYE to DRM!

According to TechCrunch Apple and EMI will start selling all of their tracks without Digital Rights Management (ie copy protection) Here are the details: New version of iTunes next month You decide if you want DRM music or not DRM free music is $1.29 per track, or $0.30 more than a protected track (Sneaky way… Continue reading EMI and Apple say BYE to DRM!

iPod Flea

This story is about the iPod Flea. I totally dig these parody movies. Be sure to watch the QuickTime version, just because.

Finally! Geeks R Us podcast is submitted

If you’re getting the “We’re having technical difficulties” error while submitting your podcast rss feed to the iTunes music store, don’t you believe it! It is your XML. I use Movable Type to generate my page and it had a bunch of extra namespaces, improper dates, etc that iTunes did not like. I stripped my… Continue reading Finally! Geeks R Us podcast is submitted

Microsoft’s tips for buying a flash-based MP3 player

Microsoft’s tips for buying a flash-based MP3 player: “Make sure you’re getting all the goodies…” Because you really want that ugly round red thing. You have no sense of style, what do you care how it functions! Pack on the functions, bloat up, this is America! “You’ll want a display. When you have hundreds of… Continue reading Microsoft’s tips for buying a flash-based MP3 player

New iPod mount for the car

My homemade mount kind of fell apart in a hand swiping accident last week, so I ordered a Pro Clip. This thing should attach to my mount in the car and let me slide in the iPod and plug in the cable. I wanted a more dock-like experience, but this will work.

My Top Rated Playlist!

Get iTunes 4.5 from Apple and see my playlist! Check out the cool album cover they generated based off albums in my playlist.

Monster iPod Auto adaptor

As reported last year, I bought a Belkin Auto Kit for my iPod. It contained a cigarette lighter adaptor and a line out from the dock connector, as well as a built-in pre-amp. I went through two of them, both exhibited the same behavior – Because of the pre-amp, they coupled noise from the engine… Continue reading Monster iPod Auto adaptor

I won two iTunes!

Yes I purchased my first Pepsi/iTunes related product, a big gulp and I won! Picture of cup Update: I am now 6 for 11

Finally, sane iPod battery info

If you are concerned about the battery in the iPod, head over to the iPod Battery FAQ for a great collection of information. Now those cheese head brothers can stop whining and spreading false information about the iPod.