Finally! Geeks R Us podcast is submitted

If you’re getting the “We’re having technical difficulties” error while submitting your podcast rss feed to the iTunes music store, don’t you believe it! It is your XML.

I use Movable Type to generate my page and it had a bunch of extra namespaces, improper dates, etc that iTunes did not like.

I stripped my feed down to a very small feed, then added in the itms tags needed to make the store happy. I am now submitted 🙂

Image of publish screen


  1. 2 days? I have been waiting over two weeks. Did you get in right at the beginning? I am assuming there is a huge backlog now, but I submitted over two weeks ago. I wish Apple would generate an automatic response or something that says, “Thanks for your submission. We’re looking it over. If approved, you can expect your PodCast to be posted in xx days” or something like that.

  2. I submitted the first day but kept getting the technical difficulty errors. Then I fixed my RSS to be up to the RSS 2.0 spec and added the iTMS tags (well some of them) So my submission was on the second day, then 2 days to get approved

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