Matt reports issue with 1st gen iPod and podcasts

He says he could not stop a sync to his iPod after 30 mins, needed a reboot of the machine, etc.

I’ve seen issues like this before podcasting. The Mac gets blown away by the iPod being attached, usually when my iPod is plugged into a hub, or there is a second firewire device also attached (iSight or DV cam) and the Finder and/or iTunes totally borks up, is slow, or just completely locks the machine.

If you have similar experiences, be sure to post them on the Apple Discussions Boards.

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  1. So far I haven’t had any issues. knock wood Still have my 1st gen 5gb and going strong. (I switched with Sarah at one point so she’d have more battery time, then dropped mine and shattered the HDD, then got my original back when she got her mini – so it really is my original 5gb! =D )

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