iPodderX disses iTunes

On the Wizards of Technology, the iPodderX guys said of iTunes,

  • “spent the morning figuring out how it worked and what it did and didn’t do”
  • “figuring out how they got things working and not working, all at the same time”
  • “this isn’t just a competitor picking apart another competitor, I think Apple really rushed this to get it out there, to take advantage of the trend”
  • “I’ve seen a lot of comments on the internet and that it’s pretty horrible and they are going to stick with whatever client they are using”

Wow. Are they talking about iTunes, or iPodderX 3?

This coming from the guys whose client, iPodderX 3, is being banned from some sites because it is still downloading podcasts after they have been marked read, etc.

iPodderX 3 was so buggy when I tried it that I could not use it for more than 15 mins before it had downloaded all of my podcasts 3 times and the button to pause stopped responding.

iTunes rushed out? It works. I have more podcasts in iTunes than I was downloading in NNW (which is awesome for my rss feeds) and it’s just been working very well. Heck I listened to WoT in iTunes, which I got right off iTMS.

I understand the sour grapes, but come on guys, stop spending time on podcasts dissing iTunes and fix your software. iPodderX 3.0.1 still re-downloaded podcasts after I marked them as read. Not even iTunes does that. 🙂

I’d post this to their forums, but their forums are down also.

iPodderX is a advertiser on WoT.

I want the iPodderX guys to succeed – I believe in the small developer. But they have to deliver, not ship buggy software and complain about the competition.