FIOS Customer Service

I’ve been having some odd performance issues and have been trying to track them down. A Verizon technician came out, checked my jack, my light and it all looks good.

Then he heard I was still on PPoE and said “We should get you moved to DHCP” which I agreed with.

This afternoon he called me saying his supervisor said “no” and that the only way to switch me would be for me to call in, cancel my service and then sign back up! How ridiculous is that?

But there is a method to their madness – I’m still on the early adopter rate and canceling would get them out of that contract.

How sleezy is that?


  1. Very interesting.. I’ve been having performance issues as well.. what’s the number you called to get them to come out?

    I too am still on PPoE.. very interesting..

  2. I bet if you can wait them out, they’ll eventually move everyone off PPoE and you’ll still have your rate.

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