Designing a user experience

There is a reason we do user testing on products, to make sure that no obvious issues are overlooked. The United States Post Office didn’t do a full job with regards to their otherwise wonderful self-service kiosks.

I had to mail something to a friend in Germany so I go to the post office, after hours, and go to the self help kiosk. I put my manilla enveope on the scale and tell the computer International, then Germany. It takes my money, prints my stamp and asks me if I need anything else. No, so I affix my stamp and put my envelope in the OPEN receptacle and then close it.

THEN, THEN there is a sticker on the previously hidden part of the receptacle that says “For Domestic only, take international to a postal worker!” What the heck is this!?

I mean, come on, what person assumed that the receptacle would be CLOSED all of the time and that people would even read its stickers FIRST

There is a perfectly working screen that KNOWS I just bought a international stamp, that KNOWS the post office is CLOSED and it should have WARNED me regardlessly so I would not drop the damn thing in the open receptacle!

Now I have no idea what they will do with this thing and their phones are closed, too. Grr.