I give up on Quicken

I use Quicken 2006 and have used quicken for decades (it seems), paying my yearly Intuit tax, but the feature I use the most, downloading credit card statements, has always been flawed, it always gets out of sync and I’ve had it. I am not paying the 2007 tax to find out if they fixed this 4+ year old problem.

I had fully reconciled with my credit card statements up through December and now it is $1600 short again (it thinks I owe less than I do). I’m tired of it missing transactions, getting confused with duplicates and the like.

We need a fully secure, open source alternative. What is out there?


  1. Got me – we’ve used Quicken Windows for the longest time.. (even when I was working on it). There is http://www.gnucash.org/ but it’s hard core open source. What we need is for one of the fledgling OS X Cocoa programs to support downloading from banks.. Or write our own.

  2. Goodness, hours compiling and gnuCash is still compiling LOL.

    I think we need competition to keep companies like Intuit in check, thats all.

  3. I’m also growing weary of Quicken. I know of MoneyDance and iBank but haven’t taken a closer look at either yet. Maybe it’s time to.

    I’d also like to chuck Turbotax out the window for the bugs I encountered while working on my taxes this week (and they are still issuuing updates for the program with tax day being so close) but it is supposedly the best program out there. Maybe I should give in and have an accountant do the work.

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