Mantis rototiller

People who know me know I am not much of a gardener. I kill lawns frequently. I want that to change, however, so I am adding a Mantis to my wish list.

I think I can use this to aerate, thatch up the moss and maybe even till over the weed patch.

Update: Ooh a place about 1/4 mile from me carries these and is about the same price as online! Too bad they are out of the aerator/thatcher I’d want LOL.

Update: I bought the 4 stroke Honda model today for $399. It broke in 10 mins, the fuel line snapped at the carburetor. Ouch. But they repaired it immediately, and I could not find any other reports of this happening, so I went back to work. Very exhausting but what a great little machine. I need the tine cleaning tool – that is a job and a half!

Mantis tiller

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  1. Lawncare? Ugh! That’s why I live in a condo. That may change soon though.

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