Ariens Lawnmower

I also bought a Ariens Lawnmower from WashCo today for $399. They love these machines, long life, decent controls and let me tell you, I did the entire yard, back and front, in 3 bags, where the electric Black and Decker took 6 for just the front and part of the back. The Ariens does a much better job of mulching and I love the powered wheels!

Picture of mower


  1. Congrats on your purchase! I think that you will be very pleased with your Ariens mower for many years. I still love mine and I have had it for 16 years. I keep mine clean give it a tune-up about every 18 months… still looks and works like new. Know a guy that owns a mower repair shop that has been trying to buy it for some time now… says will give me $400 for it… again, it is 16 years old! Best of luck with yours…

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  3. I bought an ariens 21 inch walk behind 25 yes 25 years ago its a model # 911014 it has the original pull start rope and still starts on one pull. my next mower will be a model lm 21s 911133 that is if this one ever dies.

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