Using PathFinder and keeping changing desktop patterns

For some time I have been a big fan of Path Finder as a Finder replacement. One of the things I missed tho was changing desktop photos.

It turns out, I could have had this all along, but the convoluted preferences are well, convoluted!

You see Path Finder has a much nicer display of desktop icons. They can have info below them, they layout on the desktop better, etc.

Path Finder can also hide the Finder’s desktop. But this is where it gets confusing – The Finder is not in charge of the desktop picture, the Dock is! The Finder’s “Desktop” refers to the icons on the desktop.

So if you use Path Finder and would like to get your changing desktop photos back (via System Preferences->Desktop) here is what you need to set:

  • First, click on the Desktop

    • From the View menu, choose Show View Options
    • Next click the “Set Background…” button
    • Uncheck “Show Desktop Background”
    • Close the Desktop Options palette
  • Secondly, open Path Finder’s Preferences

    • Path Finder -> Preferences
    • Click General
    • Check “Hide Finder’s Desktop”

This will hide the Finder’s desktop icons but not occlude the images being shown by the dock with Path Finder’s desktop image.

Whew! I told you it was confusing.