MacBook Pro Santa Rosa/LED Day 1

My new MacBook Pro 15″ arrived today. It has the Santa Rosa chipset and LED backlight screen. Its late so I will make a quick bullet point list:

  • Screen is great. Compared to my 14 month old MacBook Pro, its brighter at the max setting and dimmer at the low setting
  • World of Warcraft runs at similar speeds to the x1600, except when it comes to smoke/particle effects. There are no more slowdowns. The overall performance may be a driver tuning issue.
  • The machine runs much cooler playing World of Warcraft
  • I have not noticed must difference in 802.11n speeds but then again, I have 4 other 802.11g clients on the same router.
  • The hard drive feels plenty fast
  • Total transition time was 6 hours, including the 2.5 hours of firewire Migration Assistant, then reinstalling things like LIttleSnitch, mySql, Sunversion, etc.
  • The migration assistant copied the contents of my boot camp volume onto the main volume, which is ok i guess, but it would have been cooler if it had made a partition and just moved my boot camp over 🙂
  • I have not tried parallels yet
  • I now have 10gb more free space after copying all of my music and photos to the 160gb drive.
  • The 4gb RAM from appears to be working flawlessly and was easy to install. Two minutes tops.
  • The space bar squeaks when pressed in the center.
  • The wifi has been solid all day.
  • Moving windows feels snappier, not sure why.


  1. And you are now doing your iTunes and iPhoto library on it, or is that still external? Have you tried any iMovie renders? Am curious on the speed.

  2. iTunes/iPhoto internal now, yay! Very nice performance.

    Have not done any video on it. Honestly the performance is much better than I would have guessed.

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