Did Airport Extreme N firmware 7.1.1 fix AirDisk?

While Charles reports he’s had one dropout of AirDisk (My name for Airport Disk) since 7.1.1 shipped, I’ve had an entire day of a disk mounted and operating quickly, about 2-3MB/s, over 802.11n and USB 2. Not bad I guess.

I even used ChronoSync to sync 25gb of data to the AirDisk. Its been going for hours now, but no hiccups.

Next test will be in the morning after the drive has had a chance to sleep.


  1. Since 7.1.1 (about a day for me) I’ve had nothing but dropped connections – every ten minutes. Very annoying.

  2. Funny, the moment I posted this (well, within an hour) I realised the problem was that the upgrade reset some of the connection settings. Not all, but just enough… my 4 wireless devices are all happily signing together again now.

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