Major Airport Disk flaw

I’ve just discovered a nasty bug with AirPort Disk on firmware 7.1.1. While using Chronosync to backup my iPhoto library, CS kept complaining about a file already existing. Well replace it! So I finally started looking at the files.

On the source, the filename was: 100_0002_2.jpg

On the Airport Disk: iNode142770


So I unmounted the disk, connected it locally and checked the file. It had the proper filename of 100_0002_2.jpg! I then ran DiskWarrior 4 and the disk passed with flying colors.

Ok, back to AirDisk. No change. Still borked.

Unmount from AirDisk again and now mount on TiBook. Turn on File Sharing. Mount drive. Proper filename!

I don’t know if my MacBook pro has cached a bad set of filenames, or if the AirDisk just has a major bug, but I’d be wary for now.