Apple unveils iPhone plans!

Talk about a home run. $3 cheaper than my current t-mobile plan and unlimited data, rollover minutes and 200 SMS minutes.

Check out the plans!

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  1. We are existing customers. According to the raw data it seems that our plans would stay the same.

    Voice would remain the same. My $40/month data goes away. I add on $20/month data. Ros adds on $20/month data.

    So good deal considering we’re adding another PDA phone, both unlimited data, for the same price.


    Our current voice minutes is 500/month for each phone, or a total of 1000 minutes/month.

    Apple lists the family plan, which IF we were able to go onto that, we’d more than double the amount of minutes (2100 something… shared), with everything else the exact same.. for only $100/month. Thus, $40/month cheaper and doubling our minutes. Yes, shared, but we’ve been fine with 500/month so 2100 something shared is no biggie.

    Question remains, since we are current customers, can we get that family plan. I THINK so… BUT if I recall we couldn’t before because I had a Treo (PDA phone) and Ros didn’t. If we’re both on iPhones we might be able to.

    We’ll see…

    No video recording on iPhone, that’s a big issue for me.

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