iPhone Impressions

OK this is going to take a long time to write up. I’m tired as hell so let me get some talking points down on paper:


Let me do the cons first because its a short list

  • The speaker is weak, weak, weak. Even on full volume, while in a restaurant we could only hear 2 of the 25 supplied ring tones. The volume of the phone is low volume also, even at max volume. Apple really needs to address this, either in the next rev or better yet via firmware. You would not hear this phone ring in your purse.

  • Safari crashes – A lot. A crash is evidenced by a sudden return to the main menu.

Thats it! Ok so edge is slow, but its much faster than GPRS which is all I had before!


Oh boy this is a long list!

  • Amazing. Simply Amazing. Easy to use, no manuals.

  • Fast, 5 minute activation right at the mall on my laptop

  • Fast initial sync, did just contacts, bookmarks and mail accounts.

  • Pinching. Kicks. Ass.

  • Whoever designed the rubber banding of the UI, so you know the phone is still responding to your fingers, should get a huge raise.

  • Gorgeous screens.

  • Pictures sync via iPhoto when the phone is connected

  • Battery life is good and long it seems. 3 hours nonstop use, still half battery left.

  • When a call dropped near my home, iPhone beeped, said call failed and offered a nice big green “Call Back” button.

  • It’s an awesome, awesome, iPod

  • Safari rocks! (when its not crashing)

  • The you tube app is really cool

  • Animations everywhere give excellent feedback.

  • Flicking and scrolling is very intuitive

  • Turning a call into speaker/non-speaker is so damn easy its silly.

  • Activating voice mail and setting up the password was a snap.

  • I really like the silence button

  • Seamless movement between apps

  • Typing on the keyboard is really easy. I totally fumbled spelling “goodies” and yet it offered “goodies” as the word I meant to type.

  • The phone just looks and feels gorgeous

  • The calendar apps is very very nice

  • The world clock is a welcome feature!

  • Google Maps rocks!!!


  • Don’t make your girlfriend your wallpaper. Otherwise you may answer the phone “hey babe!” and it might not be her 🙂

Bugs or little glitches to fix

  • the iPhone should not enable mail accounts that were not enabled in mail.app

  • Emails should rotate when the phone rotates

  • The iPhone auto hopped to a wifi network called “wireless” that had no internet access. It must have been some goofy mall network, but we could not surf at all. It should have realized the network was bogus and switch to Edge.

  • Existing headphones don’t work without an adapter.

  • The headphone jack has no rubber plug – Seems like it will fill with junk quickly. I hope those iSkin covers are good and ship quick!

  • If you use the drag to zoom in on text near the top of the screen, the loupe does not flip downwards, so you can’t see what you are selecting.

  • Elizabeth sent me two SMS messages 4 hours ago and they still have not arrived in. Is ATT just hammered?

This really is am amazing phone, especially as Apple’s first shot. I can’t wait to see future revisions.


  1. Regarding rotations, my wife noticed that if a page does not have enough content, it won’t just rotate. It’ll only rotate to landscape if you are zoomed in enough to give it a reason to rotate. I have not tested this while checking mail, only in Safari on the phone.

  2. “Pinching. Kicks. Ass.”

    I prefer to let it all out, pinching will make you feel like you got a kick in the ass if you do it at the wrong time.

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