iPhone Impressions Part II


  • Conference calls rock. It is so easy to add people to a call, or go private with just one. Amazing.

  • I paired my Jabra JX-10 headset. After finding bluetooth (Settings-General) it simply found my headset that I had put in pairing mode and listed it. I tapped the Jabra, entered the code and wah lah, I had paired it. Next, I made a call and as soon as I tapped the name of the person I was calling, a widget showed up allowing me to select the Jabra, iPhone or speakerphone! Once on the call, the upper-right “Speakerphone” had changed to “Audio Devices” which I could then tap and easily switch between the Jabra, iPhone or speakerphone. This is unheard of in my experience with phones!

  • While using the Jabra on a conference call, I could play the iPod and music played in my earpiece only.

  • The phone lists calendar alarms and missed calls right on the wallpaper when you turn it on. If you have only one event, such as a missed call, the slider will take you to the screen to deal with it. Got a voicemail? Sliding the phone on takes you right to voicemail.

  • Aside from the playback bug, visual voicemail rocks! I accidentally hit the delete button, but a simple tap of the Deleted Messages button, tapping the message and then tapping Undelete did the trick. Now I have to convince sears I didn’t order a microwave. Wonder if iPhone will help with that?


  • When playing back a visual voicemail for the second time, dragging the time slider playhead jumped the voicemail to the proper time, but it then stuck at that time. The voicemail played properly, but the playhead no longer moved, unlike the initial playback of the voicemail. I tried a second time by going home and trying again. This time it worked fine.

  • While on a conference call and using my Jabra headset, the WiFi connection to my Apple Airport N router kept dropping out. While trying to use Google maps, I’d continually get “Cannot connect to Edge” because I was on a call and WiFi had dropped. So I went to the wifi screen and could see three routers (two are mine) and watch them them go away and come back about every 20 seconds. I am not sure if this is because I had a laptop, Jabra, Express, Wii in the living room and two routers downstairs (one for the OLPC which does WEP only) or what, but it was sure annoying!


  • My iPod’s Monster car/audio adaptor will charge the phone but the audio out won’t work. I will need an updated device I suppose.