iPhone Impressions Part iii

I am going to make these posts shorter and more often just so its easier for others to track updates.


  • You get a nice little “E” or WiFi icon in the status bar for Edge or WiFi. Really easy to tell which network you are currently on.

  • Setting per contact photos and ring tones is super easy. Now where is that iTunes update that lets us use our own ring tones 🙂


  • To get the text editing loupe, You must tap and hold between letters. You cannot tap in the whitespace at the end of a field and drag back into the text.


  • I changed the contact list to short and display First Name, Last Name. The sort is totally messed up now. Under “L” I have H R (first last initials), then I L S, then D I B, I S, I S, I & O, etc. Makes no sense for being in the “L” grouping. So I set it back to Last, First sort order, then back to First, Last sort order, and now it is displaying properly. Weird.

  • When setting the time zone, I entered Portland and iPhone only offered Portland, USA. There is a Portland, Maine so I didn’t know which one iPhone had suggested. Accepting Portland showed it is indeed Portland, Oregon. Maine may take a quibble with this.

Missing Features

  • Voice Dialing

  • Voice Memos

  • Video recording