Be careful with those mobile to mobile minutes

So of course all of us new iPhone users made a bunch of calls last night to play with our toys. I checked my bill this morning and found that all of the calls had been billed against my 5,000 night and weekend minutes, not my unlimited mobile to mobile.

Oh AT&T, you sly dog. But you have Apple customers now who don’t suffer crap.

So I called them and the very nice lady checked with her manager and yep, they burn your Night and Weekend minutes FIRST and then go into your mobile to mobile! Shame on you AT&T.

She said she fully understood how poor that was and she would bring it up with her V.P.

I suggest you call AT&T and let them know that shady practices suck.


  1. They have just started that mobile to mobile thing in the last year. I had Cigular (I am a much happier T-mobile customer now) for a while after Suncom was bought out and they always used my mobile to mobile first if I was talking to another Cigular customer. My guess is that all changed when ATT took over. This however is speculation, but jives with my previous experience.

  2. That does suck. Fortunately for us, we have the family plan, which offers unlimited night and weekend minutes. As does the next tier up for individual plans: for $20 more than the base plan, you get double the minutes, plus unlimited night and weekend. Marketdroids call this “upselling” which sounds so much more professional than “bait and switch.”

    I will say that it isn’t technically a bait-and-switch, because it isn’t a secret; I noticed it in the terms of agreement before I even bought the iPhone: “Minutes will be depleted according to usage in the following order: Night and Weekend Minutes, Mobile to Mobile Minutes, Anytime Minutes and Rollover Minutes.”

    However, it is rather buried, and the prose style does not help you truly grasp the import of the terms. Ah, well. . . .

  3. What are mobile to mobile minutes? I just got a cingular go phone and the program I got said that I don’t have any.

  4. Joel,

    Mobile to mobile minutes are when one AT&T phone calls another AT&T phone.

  5. Yes but those won’t use your unlimited mobile to mobile minutes, you’ll use the normal minutes that your plan has.

  6. ok thanks for describing that to me better. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to call anyone. One more thing. When my phone reaches the expiration date with my account do I lose all of that money or is this where the rollover thing comes in?

  7. How would this work with prepaid? Say I have a phone and purchased 100.00worth of time. I then call only other at&t phones. Would the 100.00 get used 1st, the roll to mobile to mobile. At this point I do not think the phone would work with a zero balance……

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