The iPhone is a dud

Someone is going to write a piece like this so I thought who better than an Apple fanboi? Why wait for an industry pundit who is paid to write hate pieces when you can get it here first!

The iPhone sucks! Here is why:

  • They only sold like a bazillion phones. There are still phones in stores! Clearly Apple overestimated how popular the phone would be.

  • Some people are having activation issues. Of course when you launch the most sought after piece of technology ever and you do it needing to work with a cellular provider (We all know cell companies are perfect after all), that if things are not 100% smooth, you have failed. Shame on you AT&T and Apple for those hundred, maybe one thousand out of five-hundred thousand people having issues.

  • Edge is slow! Its so horribly slow! OH MY GOD its so slow! Edge is so slow that KGW in Portland reported it as slower than dial up. Wow! That is slow! I mean it’s so slow that I was only able to show two you tube movies from my car to the McDonald’s workers at the window. That is damn near useless!

Let’s see, what else sucks. Oh yeah.

  • There are issues, like the speaker volume, some web browsing crashes, etc. Clearly this phone was not tested.

  • AT&T Plans are confusing. This has never happened before and clearly Apple dropped the ball.

I could go on and on, but I’ve got to get back to enjoying my iPhone. After all, it sucks.


  1. My God, Steve. You better take that piece of silicon garbage back. I mean, why spend so much money for such a failure? Pathetic. Real pathetic. heh.

  2. G’day You forgot to mention these few things about the useless iphone, no templates for text messages, can’t send pictures with a sms, can’t send the phone book to bluetooth car kits, can’t send anything to to any other phone via bluetooth , camera is ordinary and the volume on iphone is barely audable over city noises, the first iphone I got wouldn’t even turn on. At least this one works I guess. Didn’t apple realize the mobile phone market has much better phones out there and cheaper. The iphone is a dud!

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