iPhone bug: Could not record new voicemail greeting

I wanted to record a replacement voicemail greeting so I went to Visual Voicemail, tapped greeting and then record. The button quickly hilited but nothing else happened. After several taps, I went to the home screen and then back to visual voicemail. No change.

I then powered off the phone, powered it back on and then I could record a new greeting.


  1. The same thing is happening to me, I can’t record my iphone greeting and I am following all of the required steps. HELP!

  2. Did you turn off the iphone by holding down the button top, sliding off, then turning it back on?

  3. That worked for me. I held the top button down for a few seconds until the “slid to power off” prompt came up, i slid to power off, then held the top button down again to turn it back on. Problem solved, I can record my greeting now!

  4. That process (turn off iPhone completely, pause, then turn on) worked for me as well to reset the personal voicemail greeting.

  5. Thanks so much! Was getting frustrated beyond belief with this one. That totally works.

  6. I never bothered with this although I had a lengthy discussion with a friend who had this very problem. In the end he gave up and I had him get a free youmail account. Honestly I don’t understand why apple didn’t closer parallel that service, it allows for a personal greeting assigned to each specific caller plus the call log is online rather than on the iphone.

  7. i’m using youmail with my iphone and works great. Just wish the iphone and youmail could hook into each other. when you sign up for an accout at youmail they don’t have the iphone in their set up instructions but it was easy enough to figure out. Just select any type of phone and you’ll see what to do.

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