iPhoto ’08 has some great features!

iPhoto 08 adds Events. Events start out as film rolls as we know from previous iPhoto incarnations. When you import photos you get an Event. You can view the rolls via the photos category, or view the Events via the Events category.

But here is where it gets very, very cool.

I had 5 film rolls for the iPhone launch. Some from me, some from friends. I also had one roll that had photos from three different days on it. I was able to take that last “Event” and choose “Autosplit” from the Events menu. Now I had three Events, each based on time and date taken! This worked fantastic!

But it got better. Next I selected the 5 Events related to the iPhone launch and chose “Merge” from the Events menu. Now I had one nice Event for all of those photos!

This organization of what we used to call Film Rolls is fantastic.

Well done, iPhoto team.