Can’t register iLife ’08

Picked up iLife 08 today. While it is installing, it asked me to register. Ok, so it takes me to an apple web page, but oops, no product listing yet! It’s not like they knew this was coming….

missing iLife 08 radio button


  1. There are Apple Stores in Pittsburgh and Philadephia (King of Prussia) but nothing in State College. I need to move somewhere there is an Apple Store. This sucks.


  2. Don’t worry. I live within 30 miles of 5 Apple Stores, NONE of them had iLife 08 as listed as “Available today.” per Steve Jobs at the event. All said “We were expecting a shipment today, and nothing came in.”

    Someone at FedEX is getting the pink slip!

  3. I bought ilife 08 online and could not register it then called Apple. They sent me a second iLife 08 which also can not be registered.

  4. I can’t register it afterwards, because I don’t find the place for it. The problem is the “Teilenummer” to find for registering. It is placed on the bill.

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