Poor marks for Apple’s Extreme N router

I’ve been using my Apple Airport Extreme N router since March. Some things work great, like iChat now functions perfectly.

However, other things, like accessing VPN with SonicWall’s client have never worked and there are still no solutions from Apple.

Now, the damned thing can’t see my printer. Power cycle the printer, unplug from hub, plug directly into router, nothing. I am not rebooting this thing because Elizabeth is using Skype.

Apple requires customers to reboot far too often to fix problems. Apple is not being prudent on fixing bugs with this product, and in some cases are introducing more.

Apple is set to really enjoy a lot of market share, but that means that each and every product has to be a winner. Sadly, their routers have never lived up to the challenge.

If you need a very simple, basic router, that just sends packets, then the Airport Extreme N is pretty damned nice. If you want a product you can rely on to work with all of your internet applications, as well as support all of the features Apple supplies, you might want to look elsewhere. Sadly, every other router seems to suck too.

Come on Apple – Step it up. Make us proud. 7 months is more than long enough to wait for a product that works as advertised.