iPhone rebate hits snafu if you ported your phone number

Update: After several emails with Apple (Some on Sunday!) the issue is resolved!

Apple released it’s rebate for iPhone purchasers today. To prove you are who you say you are, you enter your phone # and your serial number.

However, Apple has cached phone numbers from activation, thus I had to enter my old phone number (I had since ported my Vonage number to the iPhone) and now the text message with the credit coupon went to some other phone (or the bit bucket) heh.



  1. That’s odd. My sequence is different, but the end result worked just fine.

    I was with Cingular with my original number I then was transferred into AT&T I puchased my iphone, still the same original number. I then changed my number.

    When I entered in my number, I used my new number. That worked ok. However, the difference here is I changed my number within the AT&T network.

    In your case, you moved a vonage number, into your iPhone.

  2. don’t you watch tv? ” at&t is the new cingular” maybe apple and at&t didn’t bone you cause you never really switched service providers ehh?

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